Patricia Hopewell MSDC

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About Patricia
The key themes of Pat’s life have been exploring creativity in textiles, and to expand her knowledge of textile processes, with a particularly interest in prehistoric textiles. An appreciation of creativity in the use of natural materials for the production of hand crafted textiles is at the heart of her work.
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After an early career as a lingerie designer, and many years living and working in Africa, South Asia and the South Pacific, Pat returned to the UK and worked in textile restoration and conservation and developed her practice as a weaver/dyer/felt maker.

Always keen to explore issues of sustainability and to expand her knowledge of textile processes, she studied for an MA specialising in European prehistoric textiles in particular weave and dyeing techniques.

This opened an opportunity for her to contribute to archaeological research from a practitioner’s standpoint, and to develop her practice further; focusing on woad/indigo dyeing and evidence based prehistoric textile production processes.

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UAL BA: specializing in weave

UAL MA: Research into prehistoric European textiles, especially woad dyeing and weaving techniques.

Work in conservation and restoration of antique textiles

Teaching in developing world

Teaching in UK - multiple textile related subjects

Woad/indigo dyeing workshops

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