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Marian Jazmik is a contemporary textile artist who is also a keen photographer. Her work is heavily inspired by her macro photography of the natural environment. Along with traditional textile techniques, Marian exploits the manipulation, construction and deconstruction of fibres and fabrics using a range of heat treatments. She often includes household and DIY products in her work that would normally be sent to landfill. Marian is keen to promote the message of ‘re-use’ and ‘repurpose’ and this is a key feature of her highly textural wall art and sculptural pieces.
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Marian’s creative journey evolves and is driven by her experimentation and exploration of both tradition textile techniques and processes along with her original use of heat treatments and the inclusion of mixed media components.

Driven by her macro photography of the natural environment both here and abroad she creates highly textural textile art. Often creating series of work, she is fascinated and challenged by the often unobserved surfaces that she captures using her smartphone.

Marian exploits the manipulation, construction and deconstruction of fibres, fabrics and mixed materials by using a range of heat treatments ranging from the soldering iron and hot air gun to hair curlers, the naked flame and the domestic iron. It is this experimentation that leads ultimately to the creation of her highly textural and abstract pieces of wall art and 3D sculptures.

Marian is keen to promote the message of ‘re-use’ and 're-purpose’ and a key feature of her work is the inclusion of materials that would otherwise go to landfill. These are sourced from within the home or from ‘scrap’ outlets stocked with discarded and donated materials from many local manufacturing units.

Recent themes have included cacti inspired sculptures, decaying bark vessels, rock erosion wall art and her latest work ‘Stems and Stalks’ which was shortlisted for the Fine Art Textile Award 2022. All clearly demonstrating her recycling philosophy with the creative and original use of electrical tubing, plastics, wires, garden mesh along with discarded buttons and zips.

She has work in the private and public domain including The Diana Springall Collection.

Her book ‘Textures from Nature in Textile Art’ was published by Batsford in 2021.

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  • City and Guilds Embroidery Pt 1&2
  • City and Guilds Creative Design.
  • Bachelor of Education Degree 1976
  • Teaching Certificate1975


  • 2023 – ‘Warped’ Prism textile Group, Mile End, London.
  • 2022 – Shortlisted for the FATA (Fine Art Textile Award), exhibited NEC, Alexandra Palace and Convention Centre Harrogate.
  • 2022 – Open Art, ‘Home gallery’ Manchester.
  • 2022 – Book signing, Knitting and stitching Show.
  • 2022 – ‘Untold’ Prism textile group, Mile End, London.
  • 2021 – ‘Surface and Depth’ exhibition, Rome with the Society for Embroidered Work.
  • 2021 – ‘In search of possibilities’, Prism textile art group, Mile End, London.
  • 2020 – Open Art, ‘Home gallery’ Manchester.
  • 2019 – Maggie Grey at Craft for Crafters, WestPoint, Exeter.
  • 2019 – ‘Fragility’ Prism textile art group, Hoxton, London.
  • 2018 – Northern Collective exhibition, Theatre by the lake. Keswick, Cumbria.
  • 2018 - NEC, Fashion and Embroidery as part National Textile Art
  • 2018 – ‘Transient’ Prism textile art group, Hoxton, London.
  • 2017 Open Art, Platform Gallery, Clitheroe, Lancs
  • 2017 Open Art , Chapel gallery, Ormskirk
  • 2017 London Art Fair with Gray Modern and Contemporary Art gallery. London
  • 2016 Open Art , Chapel gallery, Ormskirk


  • 2019 – Solo exhibition, ‘Beyond the Surface’ Knitting and stitching shows, Alexander Palace and Harrogate.


  • 2020 Zara, window display, Madrid, Spain.


  • 2022 – ‘Textile, Fibre Forum, Australian Textile Magazine Issue 148
  • 2021 – Book reviews – Stitch magazine, Embroidery magazine. SEW magazine.
  • 2021 – Book ‘Textures from Nature in Textile Art’ Published by Batsford
  • 2020 – Blog interview ‘Art the Science’, Polyfield Magazine. Canada.
  • 2020 – Article/feature SEW region magazine.
  • 2020 – ‘Manc of the Month’ Cottononmcr
  • 2019 – TxP Textile plus 247
  • 2019 – Gallery, ‘BeCreative’ magazine.
  • 2018 – Feature Maggie Grey's ‘WOWbook 2'
  • 2018 – Article ‘BeCreative with Workbox’
  • 2016 – Article, ‘Sew Somerset’ magazine


  • Prism Textile Group.
  • Bolton Embroiderers' Guild
  • Society for Embroidered Work.

2019 – Work purchased by Diana Springall for her collection.

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