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Stitched & Constructed Textiles

About Tiziana
Tiziana Tateo is an Italian fiber artist who, after starting out making quilts about twenty years ago, began research work and personal experiments into the multiple possibilities of manipulating textiles and other materials such as plastic, metal, paper and wire. She studied and worked with famous international fiber artists and in the meantime collaborated with the Italian qualified magazines, creating decoration projects which were later reproduced on textile. In the year 2010 Tiziana Tateo graduated (BA/Hons) in Arts Embroidered Textiles at the Middlesex University of London.
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The fiber artist Tiziana Tateo is adventurous in the use of materials, often combining a variety of techniques like printing, stitching, burning and embroidering, to create depth and texture in her textile works. She works intuitively and spontaneously most of the time, although she sometimes has a clear idea of where she wants the piece to go.

Her main source of inspiration originates from the materials she works with, developing further ideas through experiments, which are the integral part of her art. Every work is a whole experience, a new finding and, apart from the medium she uses, nothing is pre-planned by her.

She has no favorite technique, even though she mostly uses free-motion machine embroidery and quilting. The sewing machine’s creative potential – she says – is great for adding dimension and texture. Tateo’s methods and techniques have changed, developed and adapted over time leading her interests towards different fields of textile art. The result is that her works are often very different from each other on technique as well as on size.

Figures are common in her works because of the feelings, emotions and dialogue they convey. Like no other subject matter, the figure has the ability to speak to the viewer in an extremely intimate manner.

Tateo’s works have been exhibited in museums and in juried exhibitions throughout USA, Europe and Asia. Some works belong to public and private collections.

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BA(Hons) Arts Embroidered Textiles (Opus School of Textile Arts validated by the Middlesex University/London)

Selected and Invitational Group Exhibitions


Paducah (USA), Yeiser Art Center, “Fantastic Fibers”


Fantapia M, Chang Kil Hwan Art Museum (Sud Korea), FIAG International Art Festival " The most spectacular outing"

Shiraz (Iran), Sarvenaz Art Gallery, The International Group Art Exhibtion “ Life in peace”

Manizales (Colombia), Rogelio Salmona Cultural Center of Universidad de Caldas, “TROUGH LIFE” – Invited artist

Sala Baganza (I) – Rocca di Sala Baganza, “Trame a Corte”, 20th International weaving’s and Fiber Art’s Competition “Buttons Art”

Ivano-Frankivs'k, Ukraine, The 11th International Mini Textile and Fiber Art Exhibition "Scythia"

Niĝde (Turkey), Niĝde Art Gallery, "Artquake-11" "PROTECT YOUR PLANET & PEACE"


Kunming, Yunnan Province (China) – Yunnan Museum, 12th “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Fiber Art Biennale "Space - The Dimension of Fiber"- Invited Artist

Irsee (D), Irsee Monastery "BlÜTEN - LESE / Blossom Reading", Fiber Art Exhibition

Sala Baganza (I), Castle of Sala Baganza, “Trame a Corte”, 19 th International weaving’s and Fiber Art’s Competition “Vedo Nero”

Chieri (TO), Imbiancheria del Vairo, “Un Grande Abbraccio al Mondo/Big Hug To the World”, Contemporary Art/Fiber Art Exhibition

Paducah (USA), Yeiser Art Center, “Fantastic Fibers”

Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine, The 14th International Textile and Fibre Art Biennial “Scythia”

www.healing-power-of-art.org “The Healing Power of Color” by Renee Phillip

Irsee (D),Kloster Irsee “ BLÜTEN – LESE “, Fiber Art Exhibition


China -11th “From Lausanne to Beijing” International Fiber Art Biennale “Symbiosis and CoExistence”(virtual exhibition)

Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine ,The 10th International Biennial Exhibition of Mini Textile Art “Scythia”

Ste Marie- aux- Mines (F), SAQA Europe and Middle East Exhibition” Wide Horizons VII"

Chieri (I), Imbiancheria del Vajro, “ TRAMANDA”


St/Gallen (CH), Textilmuseum, 7th European Quilt Triennial

Tainan City (Taiwan), National Tainan Living Center, TIQE 2020 – Invited Artist

Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine, 13th International Textile Art Biennial “Scythia”

Rome (I), The Scientific Research Foundation Amedeo Modigliani, “Tribute to Modigliani”


Turin (I), The Fine Arts Academy Albertina – Trame d’Autore

Chieri (I), Opesso Palace, Fiber Art Exhibition “TRAMANDA”, The Fiber Art of the Origin and the Continuity of


Birmingham (UK), The Festival of Quilts

Haslach (A), The Textile Centre Haslach, 7th European Quilt Triennial

Kranj (Slovenja), The Festival of Fine Art

Vladivostok (Russia), “Wool and Silk”

Sala Baganza (I), Castle of Sala Baganza, 16th International Weaving’s and Fiber Art’s Competition

“What shall I wear on my head?”


Chieri (I), Saint Philip Ex Oratorio, "TRAMANDA - Into the White", Fiber Art Exhibition

Heidelberg (D), Textilsammlung Max Berk Museum, 7th European Quilt Triennial

Bratislava (SK), Gallery of Slovak Arts Union, 20th International Minitextile Exhibition “Celebration”

Saintpetersburg (Russia), TKACHI Open Space " The Opening - Textile in Art and Industry"


Rancho Palos Verdes (USA), Palos Verdes Art Center, “Wearable Expressions 2017”

Chieri (TO), Opesso Palace, “Trame d’Autore -Tracciati Urbani”, TraLicci Group by invitational of the Assessorato Cultura Comune di Chieri

Montevideo (Uruguay), “Balconadas”, The Balcony Show

Caraglio (I), Filatoio Rosso, “Y Kimono Now – Perchè Kimono Oggi”, Invited Artist

Birmingham (UK), Festival of Quilts, “Made in Europe II”

Novi Sad (Serbia), Studio “M”, 6th International Triennial of Tapestry


Melbourne, Florida (USA), Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, “Radical Elements”

McAllen, Texas (USA),The International Museum of Art and Science, “Radical Elements”

Tainan City (Taiwan), National Tainan Living Center, TIQE 2016, Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition

Beaujolais (F), Quilt Expo en Beaujolais

Paducah (USA), Yeiser Art Center, “Fantastic Fibers”

America Quilts Expo, Des Moines, Iowa , “Celebrating Silver”

Birmingham (UK), Festival of Quilts, “Celebrating Silver”

Shanghai (China) 8th Asia Quilt Festival, “Celebrating Silver”

Ste Marie- aux- Mines (F), SAQA Europe and Middle East ”Wide Horizons V” European Carréefour du Patchwork

Shenzhen (China), Guan Shan Yue Art Museum, 9th From Lausanne to Beijing International Fiberart Biennale

Parma (I), Castle of Sala Baganza, “Let’s weave a thread between East and West”, 13th International Weaving’s and Fiber Art’s Competition


London (UK), Mall Gallery, Designer Crafts at the Mall, 2015 “Twenty Five” Exhibition

Washington (USA), National Academy of Sciences “Radical Elements”, SAQA Exhibition, traveling 2014-15

St.George, UT, St.George Art Museum, “Celebrating Silver, traveling 2014 – 2015

Chieri (I), Palazzo Opesso, “Eccentriche Trame 2015 – La Musica del Tempo”


Maryland (USA), Crafitz Foundation Arts Center, Montgomery College, Silver Spring, “Radical Elements”, SAQAExhibition, traveling 2014 – 2015

Houston (USA), International Quilt Festival, “Celebrating Silver”, traveling 2014-2015

Ste Marie- aux- Mines (F), SAQA Europe and Middle East ”Wide Horizons IV” European Carréefour du Patchwork

La Conner, Wa (USA), Quilt and Textile Museum “ Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival”

Nantong (China)- Nantong 1895 Cultural Industry District “From Lausanne to Beijing”, 8th International Fiber Art Biennale

www.infinityartGallery.com “Fiber Art Exhibit online”

Novi Sad (Serbia), Aula of Master Center of “Novi Sad Fair”, 5th Triennial of Tapestry


Liptov Gallery of P.M.Bohun (PL), Triennial Textile “Without Borders”

Museum of Moravian Slovakia (CZ), Triennial Textile “Without Borders”

Parma (I), Trame a Corte - Pensiero Ecologico”, organized by Arcadia Cultural Association

www.infinityArtGallery.com “Black and White Art Expo 2013”

www.infinityArtGallery.com “ Art Quilts 2013”

artKudos, International Juried Competition & Exhibition online

Birmingham (UK), The Festival of Quilts, Art Quilt Category


Trencin (SK), Gallery Milosa Alexandra Bazovskeho, Triennial Textile “Vithout Borders”

Bratislava (SK), The House of Art, Triennial Textile ‘Without Borders’

San Diego (USA), Visions Art Museum “Brainstorms”

Tainan City (Taiwan), National Tainan Living Center, Tainan City,TIQE 2012, Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition

Ste Marie- aux- Mines (F), SAQA Europe Contest ”Wide Horizons III” - Jury Member

Irsee (D), Irsee Monastery “A World of Fabric - Squared”, Invited artist

La Conner,WA (USA) - Quilt and Textile Museum, “2012 Quilt Exhibition”

Nantong (China), Nantong 1895 Cultural Industry District “From Lausanne to Beijing”, 7th International Fiber Art Biennale


Daytona Beach (USA), SAQA /Volusia: “Wrapped in Fiber”

DeBary (USA), SAQA,/Volusia: “Wrapped in Fiber”

Parma(I), Italia Invita, 5th International Forum of Textile Creativity “Herbarium”- Invited artist

Cazenovia, NY (USA), The Stone Hill Quarry Art Park “The ArT QuILT EXPERIENCE”

www.infinityArtGallery.com, Fiber Art Exhibit online


Parma (I), ‘Trame a Corte - Mandala’, organized by the Cultural Association ‘Arcadia’

Bergamo (I), BAF (Bergamo Arte Fiera), represented by The Art Gallery ‘Fiber Art and’, Milan (I)

www.InfinityArtGallery.com , Art Quilt Exhibit online 2010

Chieri (I) - ‘Comes From’, Exhibition Room Cultural Pole , “ New entries from the world for the Civic Collection of Fiber Art’Trame d’Autore”

Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (F), 16^ European Patchwork Meeting, SAQA Europe ‘Wide Horizons II’


Taiwan,Taiwan International Quilt Exhibition, Invited artist

Gressoney La Trinitè and Milan (I), “Come Arazzi”, organised by The Art Gallery ‘Fiber Art and’, Milan (I)

Parma (I), Palazzo della Pilotta, Archeological Museum’ Trame a Corte’

Parma (I), Italia Invita, International Forum of Lace and Embroidery, Invited artist

London (UK), Alexandra Palace, Knitting and Stitching Show – 3rd PFAFF Art Embroidery Challenge “Landscape – Letus Travel”, organized by Jacqueline Govin, Traveling Exhibition Europe


Tampa (USA), Museum of Art, HGA’s - Small Expressions 2008

Tournai (B), 6th International Triennial of Fiber Art “Dia-logue”

Birmingham (UK), Festival of Quilts


Pittsburgh (USA), Fiberart International 2007, Traveling Exhibition (USA) -

Chazelles-sur-Lyon (F), Atelier Musée du Chapeau, International Hats Contest

London (UK), Alexandra Palace, Knitting and Stitching Show, 2nd PFAFF Art Embroidery Challenge “Still Life”, organized by Jacqueline Govin, Traveling Exhibition (Europe)

St.Marie- Aux- Mines (F), 13th European Patchwork Meeting “A Garden Passionately”, Traveling Exhibition Europe


Tokyo (Japan), Metropolitan Museum, 8th Quilt Nihon Exhibition, Traveling Exhibition , (Japan, Europe)

Tournai (B), 5th International Textile Triennial “Ki-Monologue”

London (UK) - Alexandra Palace, Knitting and Stitching Show, PFAFF Art Embroidery

Challenge” Portrait Gallery”, organised by Jacqueline Govin, Traveling Exhibition (Europe)


Kloster IRSEE (D), III Quilt Exhibition “ Surfaces”, Traveling Exhibition (Europe)

Chieri (I), IV Biennial of Fiber Art, Traveling Exhibition (Europe)

London (UK), Alexandra Palace, Knitting and Stitching Show, PFAFF Art Embroidery

Challenge “A wide focus on new territories”, organized by Jacqueline Govin,Traveling Exhibition Europe, Invited Artist

Houston (USA), International Husqvarna Viking Quilt Contest ”Color, Couleur, Colore, Kulor”, Traveling Exhibition (USA, Europe)


Tokyo (Japan), Metropolitan Museum: VII Quilt Nihon Exhibition,Traveling Exhibition (Japan, Europe)

Heidelberg (D), Museum “Max Berk: ”II European Quilt Triennial”,Traveling Exhibition (Europe)

London (UK), Royal School of Needlework “Freedom in Stitch”, Alexandra Palace, Knitting and Stitching Show


Kherson ( Ukraine ), IV International Textile Exhibition “Scythia“

Barcelona (E), VIII International Quilt Exhibition “Feel free “,Traveling Exhibition (Europe, USA, Australia)

Yokohama (Japan), X International Quilt Exhibition, Invited artist2000

Kherson (Ukraine), III International Textile Exhibition “ Scythia”

Osnabruck (D), International Exhibition “ Nadel und Faden


Gdynia (Poland), IV Baltic Biennial of Weavers

1995-1996-1997-1998-2000-2001-2002 : Miniartextil of Como (I)

Solo Exhibitions

2013 Verona (I), The Porticos of The Gran Guardia Palace,“Mediterranean”,Verona Textile 2013, organized by the Association Ad Maiora in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the City of Verona, Invited Artist

2011 Vigevano (I), The Museum of the Cathedral’s Treasury, “Gli Arazzi nel XXI Secolo”

2009 St. Marie- Aux- Mines (F), Chapel St.Joseph “ Icons ”, 15th European Carrefour du Patchwork 2009, Invited artist

1996 Vigevano (I), Palazzo Roncalli “ La mia seta, la mia pittura, le mie manipolazioni”

1993 Gravellona Lom (I),‘Ca’ di Ratt , “ Il fatto a mano”


2023 - Gangneung, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea – International FIAG Art Festival “The most

spectacular outing”- GOLDEN CANVAS AWARD2014

www.InfinityArtGallery”com , Fiber Art Exhibit online, Honorable Mention

2014 – www.InfinityArtGallery.com – Honorable Mention

2013 Parma (I), “Trame a Corte” , 2° Prize www.InfinityArtGallery.com , Art Quilts 2013, Founder’s

Choice Award

2012 Artavita 2nd Art Contest, sponsored by World Wide Art Books, Honorable Mention

2010 www.InfinityArtGallery.com , Art Quilt Exhibit 2010, Art Director’s Award

Parma (I), “Trame a Corte”, 3° Prize

2009 Parma (I), “Trame a Corte”, 3° Prize

2005 Husqvarna Viking Magazine , “Bag competition”, I° Prize”

Tokyo (Japan), VIII Quilt Nihon Exhibition, Winner of Contemporary Class

2003 Tokyo (Japan), VII Quilt Nihon Exhibition, Honorable Mention

2002 Barcelona (E), International Exhibition” ‘Feel Free”, Quilting and Embroidery Award

2000 Osnabruck (D) Nadel und Faden

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Works in Public Permanent Collections

“Fatebenefratelli” Hospital, Milan (I)

Civic Collection of Fiber Art, Town Council of Chieri (To), Italy

International Quilt Study Center of the University of Nebraska –Lincoln (USA)

Michigan State University Museum (USA)

Husqvarna Viking

Associazione Culturale’Arcadia’, Parma (Italy)

Other Makers in Stitched & Constructed Textiles